Teradyne XStation MX Automated X-Ray Inspection System
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Teradyne XStation MX Automated X-Ray Inspection System


  • Multi-Angle X-Ray Inspection
  • ClearVue Tomosynthesis-Based X-Ray Image Acquisition and Analysis
  • Provides Full 3D X-Ray Capabilities
  • Lead-Free Capable
  • High Resolution AXI
  • Fixtureless Non-Contact Test

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The Teradyne XStation MX Automated X-Ray Inspection System offers a revolutionary breakthrough in 3D X-ray inspection technology to set a new standard for coverage, quality, and reliability. Until now, 3D X-ray systems have been highly complex machines, requiring many moving parts, rotating detectors, expensive steerable X-ray sources, and movement of the board both the in X-Y and Z axes. The result has been unreliable performance, high false call rates, and limited defect coverage. By contrast, Teradyne's XStation MX effectively removes these complexities by using a unique, patented technique called ClearVue. Based on Off-Center Tomosynthesis, ClearVue is a significant technology advance that increases the throughput, quality, and reliability of Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI) defect detection far beyond the capabilities provided by other automated 3D techniques. Unlike other 3D techniques, ClearVue's image reconstruction requires only one moving part during board inspection, the board itself. And the board is stationary during image capture.

Because there is no motion, no blurring, and no Z-axismovement during the high-resolution image capture, ClearVue acquires higher-quality images than conventional 3D techniques. As a result, the XStation MXdelivers very low false fail rates and more reliable fault coverage. The low false call rates allow users to reduceWIP over current inspection processes, lowering the operational costs of deploying AXI.

In addition to employing ClearVue's patented technology, the XStation MXis also equipped with TraX2D X-ray technology. This combination enables the system to use both ClearVue and TraXon a board under inspection thereby optimizing throughput.

X-ray techniques take high-resolution images at large fields-of-view. The result is the highest quality inspection for solder joints at increased throughput, allowing for in-line operation.

With the XStation MXsystem, Teradyne takes AXI to a new level, providingAXI with high fault coverage, low false call rates, high uptime, higher throughput, and reduced cost of ownership. Current users of other AXI systems will discover that the XStation MX performance makes AXI a truly effective and economical inspection solution.

Product Family: XStation MX, XStation-MX, XStation MX, MX360, MX-360, MX 360, 23239 0533, 54339 0533, 54739 0533, 63339 0533, 64239 0533, 72339 0533, 72539 0533, 73039 0533, 81239 0533, 81739 0533, 82439 0533, 82839 0533, 83839 0533, 93639 0533
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Teradyne XStation MX Datasheet (pdf) 
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