Highland Technology V850 / V851 VME Digital Delay/Pulse Generator
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Highland Technology V850 / V851 VME Digital Delay/Pulse Generator


  • 4 or 6 Channel VME Digital Delay Generator
  • Delay and Width Modes
  • 40 (39.0625) Picosecond LSB Resolution with 32-Bit (167.8 Milliseconds) Full-Scale Delay Range
  • Jitter < 25 Picoseconds RMS Typical from External Trigger
  • Adjustable Trigger Threshold and Output Levels
  • Insertion Delay of 25 Nanoseconds

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The Highland Technology V850 / V851 VME Digital Delay/Pulse Generator is a single-width, 6U VME digital delay generator that accepts a single trigger input and generates programmable delay outputs. The module features 32-bit dynamic range, 40 picosecond resolution, low jitter, and high rep-rate capability. All channels are triggered simultaneously; the module generates a "T0" reference edge 25 nanoseconds after trigger, and four delay outputs, each programmable from 0 to 167.8 milliseconds.

The outputs can also be configured to generate widths. This mode uses paired channels to generate a pulse whose rising and falling edges are determined by channel programming. Up to two such delay+width outputs are available.

V850 delay parameters may be programmed on-the-fly at VMEbus speeds without generation of erroneous delays. All delay channels can be updated coherently.

Product Family: V850, V 850, V-850, V851, V 851, V-851
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