Kontron CP-ASM3 Series 3U CompactPCI Card Cages
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Kontron CP-ASM3 Series 3U CompactPCI Card Cages


  • 19" Racks with RIO and FAN Options
  • Industrial Power Supplies from 14 VDC to 260 VAC
  • Backplanes with 2 to 8 Slot Segments

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This unit does not include the 200 Watt AC Power Supply Unit.

• Dimension: 84 HP
• CP-MKIT-FAN Fan Kit Installed:
  • Fan Tray: 84HP / 1U-275mm
  • Power Consumption: 12 VDC / 15 Watt
  • Airflow: 3 x 170m3/h (100cfm) / Average of 2.5 m/s (500lfm)

Part Number: 28495
Fan Kit Part Number: 27707

Stock # 92579-1

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The Kontron CP-ASM3 Series 3U CompactPCI Card Cages are ready integrated standard card cages for 3U CompactPCI, based on the quality and experience of the technology leader.

CompactPCI is the most accepted modular standard throughout the ICT market segments. CompactPCI is loved for any application, where openness, modularity, robustness, reliability, or longevity is an advantage. It provides outstanding flexibility, variability, longevity, and supplier-independency.

Product Family: CP-ASM3-P47, CPASM3P47, CP-ASM3-P47-RIO, CPASM3P47RIO, CP-ASM3-P47-MIX, CPASM3P47MIX, CP-ASM3, CPASM3, CP-ASM3-RIO, CPASM3RIO, CP-ASM3, CPASM3, CP-ASM3R-84-P200AC-B0800-STD, CP-ASM4R-84F-P200AC-B0800-STD, CP-ASM3R-84-P200DC48V-B0800-STD, CP-ASM4R-84F-P200DC48V-B0800-STD, CP-ASM3R-84-P200DC24V-B0800-STD, CP-ASM4R-84F-P200DC24V-B0800-STD, CP-ASM3R-84-M180AC-B0800-STD, CP-ASM4R-84F-M180AC-B0800-STD, CP-ASM3R-84-M100DCWV-B0800-STD, CP-ASM4R-84F-M100DCWV-B0800-STD, CP-ASM4-84F-M100DCWV-B1100-STDSWMP
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