Teledyne Dalsa / Coreco Imaging X64-CL Dual PCI Frame Grabber
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Teledyne Dalsa / Coreco Imaging X64-CL Dual PCI Frame Grabber


  • Simultaneous Acquisition from Two Camera Link Base cameras
  • Flexible Mix Mode
  • Rapid Image Acquisition Rates up to 255MB/s per Input Channel
  • Image Transfer to Host Memory at 528MB/s
  • Up to 2GB Local Frame Buffer
  • Supports Camera Link Operations up to 85MHz (66MHz Standard)

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• Camera Link Operations: 85 MHz
• Memory: 128 MB

Part Number: OC-64C0-12060

Stock # 92723-1

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The Teledyne Dalsa / Coreco Imaging X64-CL Dual PCI Frame Grabber has the ability to acquire images from two unsynchronized Base Camera Link compatible cameras simultaneously and to transfer images at a rate of up to 528MB/s, the X64-CL Dual is one of the fastest and most flexible 64-bit image acquisition boards on the market. Universal PCI slot compliant (32/64-bit 33/66MHz 3.3/5V), the X64-CL Dual supports multiple tap area scan and linescan monochrome and RGB cameras. With its ability to support two cameras with different tap configurations simultaneously, the X64-CL Dual provides a highly flexible solution to a variety of computer imaging applications.

The X64-CL Dual has been built within Teledyne Dalsa / Coreco Imaging Trigger-to-Image Reliability technology framework. Trigger-to-Image Reliability leverages Teledyne Dalsa / Coreco Imaging hardware and software innovations to control, monitor and correct the image acquisition process from the time that an external trigger event occurs to the moment the data is sent to the PCI bus. Trigger-to-Image Reliability enables more efficient and reliable machine vision inspections by securing the image acquisition process, providing traceability when errors do occur and permitting recovery from those errors.

Product Family: X64-CL Dual, X64CL Dual, X64 CL Dual
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