TeraXion ClearSpectrum-DCMX Series Dispersion Compensation Module
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TeraXion ClearSpectrum-DCMX Series Dispersion Compensation Module


  • Compensation Up to 400 km
  • Ultra Low Insertion Loss
  • Slope-Matched to G.652 or G.655 Fibers
  • Low Latency

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• 10 to 100 km: 207 x 65 x 8.6 mm
• 120 to 400 km: 242 x 65 x 8.6 mm

Part Number: DCMX-C0100+1600-A02A0

Stock # 92735-1

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The TeraXion ClearSpectrum-DCMX Series Dispersion Compensation Module is designed to offer a high compensation level while maintaining very low insertion loss in an ultra small package. The ClearSpectrum-DCMX is an attractive alternative to dispersion compensating fiber (DCF) in cost-sensitive networks since its small footprint minimizes space and its low insertion loss reduces amplification requirements.

Based on TeraXion's patented multi-channel Fiber Bragg Grating technology, the compensators exhibit high optical system performance which allow their use in networks beyond 2000 km. The ClearSpectrum product line is available as a mountable optical module (DCMX) or as a compact OEM (DCX) component.

Product Family: CS-DCMX, CSDCMX
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TeraXion ClearSpectrum-DCMX Series Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to TeraXion Website