Newport / ILX Lightwave LDX-3500 Series Precision Laser Diode Drivers
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Newport / ILX Lightwave LDX-3500 Series Precision Laser Diode Drivers


  • Low Cost Microprocessor Controlled Laser Diode Drivers
  • High Stability, Low Noise Current Output Specifically for Laser Diodes
  • (3) Models with Dual Current Ranges up to 6A
  • Analog Modulation Input to 500 kHz

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• Output Current: 1A/3A
• Noise and Ripple, CW Mode: <8>
• Compliance Voltage: 6.5V

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The Newport / ILX Lightwave LDX-3500 Series Precision Laser Diode Drivers are a family of low-cost microprocessor-based precision instruments specifically designed for driving low to high power laser diodes. Each driver provides a low noise, high-stability current output for precise control of laser diodes.

The LDX-3500 Series Laser Diode Drivers consists of three family members with dual current ranges of 200/500 mA (LDX-3525), 1000/3000 mA (LDX-3545), and 2000/6000 mA (LDX-3565), covering a wide range of laser diode testing and control applications. In addition to precision current control, the LDX-3500 Series Drivers are loaded with standard features including PD current measurement for constant power control, analog modulation for power and wavelength tuning, and an analog output for remote monitoring.

Futhermore, all of Newport / ILX Lightwave's proven laser diode protection strategies are designed into each model, which include adjustable current limits, intermittent contact protection, shorting relays and control and power line transient protection.

Product Family: LDX-3500 Series, LDX3500, LDX-3565, LDX3565, LDX-3545, LDX3545, LDX-3525, LDX3525
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