Kontron / PEP PMC-HDD1 Module
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Kontron / PEP PMC-HDD1 Module


  • Connects 2.5" IDE HDD to PCI Bus
  • Based on the Silicon Image IDE Controller Sil0680
  • Provides Interface Between 32 bit Wide, 33 MHz PCI Bus and Standard IDE HDD
  • Handles Transfer Rates up to the ATA-133 Speed Standard

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PMC-HDD1 Configuration:
• Standard IDE HDD
• 33 MHz PCI Bus

HTS424030M9AT00 Configuration:
• 30 GB
• 4200 RPM
• ATA Interface

Part Number: 13G1486, 31.220-1010.1

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The PMC-HDD1 provides the PEP PowerPC-based CPU boards with a cost-effective way to add substantial mass storage capacity. It is designed to connect a 2.5" IDE hard disk drive to the PCI bus of those boards. It is based on the silicon image IDE controller SiI0680, which provides the interface between the 32 bit wide, 33 MHz PCI bus and a standard IDE hard disk drive. It is able to handle transfer rates up to the ATA-133 speed standard.

Product Family: PMC-HDD1, 31.220-1010.1, 13G1486
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