Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-7695 Single-Slot Pentium II Embedded SBC
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Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-7695 Single-Slot Pentium II Embedded SBC


  • Pentium II Embedded Module (333 MHz)
  • Up to 512 MB SDRAM using (3) 144-Pin SODIMMs
  • 64-Bit S3 Trio 3D AGP SVGA Controller with 4 MB SGRAM
  • On-Board Fast Ethernet Controller

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Battery is used.

• Processor: 333 MHz z Pentium II
• Memory: 128 MB SDRAM
• DiskOnChip: 72 MB

Part Numbers: 350-007695-455, 350-007695-455 G, 332-007695-000 B

Stock # 93206-1

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The Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-7695 Single-Slot Pentium II Embedded SBC brings Intel Pentium II processor with MMX to VMEbus, offering a processor speed of 333 MHz. The Pentium II processor has 32-bit addressing and a 64-bit data bus. Its superscalar architecture allows three instructions to be executed per clock cycle. A dynamic branch prediction unit, separate instruction and data caches, and MMX technology also increase the Pentium II processor's performance. The Pentium II processor also provides 512 Kbyte of internal L2 cache using dual independent bus architecture for high bandwidth and performance.

The VMIVME-7695 offers options for up to 512 Mbyte of system memory in up to three SODIMMs. The on-board DRAM is dual ported to the VMEbus.

The VMIVME-7695 provides the option to include 72, 144, or 288 Mbyte of memory accessible through M-Systems, Inc.'s DiskOnChip. This memory can be used as boot flash memory, or can be installed by the BIOS as an additional standard drive. No additional software is required. The DiskOnChip can be used as the only drive in the system, or can be used as a second drive; for example, as in conjunction with the VMIVME-7455 CD-ROM drive.

Product Family: VMIVME-7695, VMIVME7695, VMIVME-7695-455, 350-007695-455
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VMIC VMIVME-7695 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Abaco Systems / VMIC Website