Siemens PG26 Simadyn D Digital Control System Processor Module
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Siemens PG26 Simadyn D Digital Control System Processor Module


  • 16MHz Processor
  • Trigger Pulse Output Every 30 Degrees
  • Fast Data Exchange with Other Processor Modules
  • (4) LED Status Indicators

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Stock # 93527-1

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The Siemens PG26 Simadyn D Digital Control System Processor Module is utilized in the SIMADYN D system for the triggering of 12 pulse line commutated power converters, installed as a cascade of two 6 pulse bridges on 30 degree phase shifted power lines.

The hardware is based on the PG16 board, whereby the trigger signals for the second converter are generated on a sub-module and can be accessed at a second SITOR interface.

The high processing power of the 16MHz processor board permits the calculation of the torque shell and therefore the trigger pulse output every 30 degrees. The function module TG12 generates a signal for the correct pulse assignment of the 30 degree lagging power converter system (slave). The board can be programmed for both the user software and the system firmware (operating system, monitor program as well as the function module code) on plug-in memory sub-modules (MSx) located in the X50 connector. The user code runs on the processor under the SIMADYN D real time operating system. This guarantees interrupt controlled cycle times of ≥ 1ms, dependent upon the configuration.

Product Family: PG26, PG-26, 6DD1601-0AF0, 6DD16010AF0, 6DD 1601 - 0AF0
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Siemens PG26 Manual (pdf) 
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