GE / Bently Nevada 3300 XL 11mm Proximity Transducer System
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GE / Bently Nevada 3300 XL 11mm Proximity Transducer System


  • 3.94 V/mm (100 mV/mil) Output
  • Long Linear Range
  • Thin Design

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• Total Length and Mounting Option: 5.0 Meter (16.4 feet) System Length, DIN Mount
• Agency Approval Option: Multiple approvals

Part Number: 330780-51-05

Stock # 93728-1

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The GE / Bentley Nevada 3300 XL 11mm Proximity Transducer System is designed to replace the 7200-series 11 mm and 14 mm Transducer Systems. When upgrading from the 7200-series system to the 3300 XL 11 mm system, every component must be replaced with 3300 XL 11 mm components. In addition, the monitoring system must be updated. If using a 3500 Monitoring System, an updated version of the configuration software that lists the 3300 XL 11 mm Transducer System as a compatible option is required. Existing 3300 Monitoring Systems may need a modification.

The 3300 XL 11 mm Proximitor Sensor has the same advanced features found in the 3300 XL 8 mm Proximitor Sensor. Its thin design allows it to be mounted in either a high-density DIN-rail installation or a more traditional panel mount configuration. Improved RFI/EMI immunity allows the 3300 XL Proximitor Sensor to achieve European CE mark approvals without any special mounting considerations. This RFI immunity also prevents the transducer system from being adversely affected by nearby high frequency radio signals. SpringLoc terminal strips on the Proximitor Sensor require no special installation tools and facilitate faster, highly robust field wiring connections.

Product Family: 3300 XL 11mm, 330701, 330702, 330707, 330708, 330703, 330704, 330709, 330710, 330705, 330706, 330730, 330780, 02120015, 02173009, 138492-01, 138493-01
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GE / Bently Nevada 3300 XL 11mm Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to GE / Bently Nevada Website