National Instruments PXIe-5651 PXI RF Analog Signal Generator
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National Instruments PXIe-5651 PXI RF Analog Signal Generator


  • Continuous-Wave Generation Capabilities
  • FM, 2-FSK, or OOK Modulation
  • Onboard Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)
  • On-Off Keying Amplitude Modulation

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• 256 MB On-Board Memory
• 128 Megasamples Per Channel

Part Number: 199541A-02L

Stock # 93749-1

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The National Instruments PXIe-5651 PXI RF Analog Signal Generator features continuous-wave generation capabilities with FM, 2-FSK, or OOK modulation. It uses direct digital synthesis (DDS) for high-resolution frequency hopping or phase-continuous sweeping for fixture and device characterization applications. The PXIe-5651 is ideal for clocking nonstandard sample rates, such as WCDMA signals at baseband or intermediate frequency (IF). With these versatile signal generators, you can perform analog and digital modulation through the onboard DDS circuit, which gives you frequency modulation and frequency-shift keying for applications such as bit error rate test, antenna testing, or even keyless entry. You can also perform amplitude modulation using on-off keying.

Product Family: PXIe-5651, PXIe5651
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