GE / Bently Nevada 3500/15 Series Power Supplies
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GE / Bently Nevada 3500/15 Series Power Supplies


  • Half-Height Modules
  • 3500 Series Rack Can Contain One or Two Power Supplies
  • (3) Versions Manufactured

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The terminal connector clips are chipped off; however, this will not prevent it from functioning properly.

Part Numbers: 133300-01, 126564-01G

View Photo of chipped terminal connector clips.

Stock # 93770-2

• Power Supply Type: Low Voltage ac (85 to 132 Vac rms)

Part Number: 125840-02

Stock # 78116-29

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The GE / Bently Nevada 3500/15 Series Power Supplies are half-height modules and must be installed in the specially designed slots on the left side of the rack. The 3500 rack can contain one or two power supplies (any combination of ac and/or dc) and either supply can power a full rack. If installed, the second supply acts as a backup for the primary supply. When two power supplies are installed in a rack, the supply in the lower slot acts as the primary supply and the supply in the upper slot acts as the backup supply. Removing or inserting either power supply module will not disrupt operation of the rack as long as a second power supply is installed.

The 3500 Power Supplies accept a wide range of input voltages and converts them to voltages acceptable for use by other 3500 modules. Three Power Supply versions are available with the 3500 Series Machinery Protection System as follows: 1. ac Power Supply, 2. High Voltage dc Power Supply 3. Low Voltage dc Power Supply.

Product Family: 3500/15, 3500-15, 3500 15
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GE / Bently Nevada 3500/15 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to GE / Bently Nevada Website