Lauterbach BDM/JTAG Debuggers
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Lauterbach BDM/JTAG Debuggers


  • Support for a Wide Range of On-Chip Debug Interfaces
  • Easy High-Level and Assembler Debugging
  • Interface to All Compliers
  • Display of Internal and External Peripherals at a Logical Level
  • Flash Programming
  • Multiprocessor/Multicore Debugging

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These Lauterbach BDM/JTAG Debuggers offer support for a wide range of on-chip debug interfaces with easy high-level and assembler debugging, multiprocessor/multicore debugging, and interface to all compilers. The BDM/JTAG debuggers also feature flash programming, and display of internal and external peripherals at a logical level.

Product Family: ARM, JTAG, BDM, LA-37, LA-38, LA-45
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