National Instruments GPIB-RS232 GPIB Serial Port Controller/Converter
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National Instruments GPIB-RS232 GPIB Serial Port Controller/Converter


  • Maximum Data Transfer Rates (Baud Rates) of 115.2 kb/s
  • Four Modes of Operation
  • Completely IEEE 488.2 Compatible

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• 100-240 VAC Input
• 12 VDC Output
• 2A Output Current

Possible lead time of 7-12 business days.

Part Number: 780046-01

Stock # 71801-2

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The National Instruments GPIB-RS232 GPIB Serial Port Controller/Converter is a high-performance serial-to-GPIB interface. With it connected, a computer with an RS232 serial port can be a talker, listener, or controller on the GPIB bus. The NI GPIB-RS232 can also interface RS232 instruments and peripherals to the GPIB. The GPIB-RS232 has all the software and logic required to implement the physical and electrical specifications of the IEEE 488 and RS232 standards. It can interpret and execute high-level commands sent to it over the serial port, performing RS232-to-GPIB protocol conversions, as well as interpret commands sent over GPIB, performing GPIB-to-RS232 protocol conversions.

The GPIB-RS232 uses the TNT5004 controller chip, implementing all IEEE 488 talker/listener/controller functionality. Two protection mechanisms (data buffering and handshaking) ensure that the GPIB-RS232 does not lose incoming serial data. The GPIB-RS232 has an internal RAM buffer that stores incoming serial data until it can output the data to the GPIB port. The serial RAM buffer size is 1 MB. When the serial RAM buffer is nearly full, the GPIB-RS232 can handshake with the serial host to stop data transmission. When more space is available in the buffer, the GPIB-RS232 can again handshake with the serial host to start data transmission. The GPIB-RS232 can use both the XON/XOFF software handshaking and the hardware handshaking protocols.

Product Family: GPIB-RS232
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National Instruments GPIB-RS232 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to National Instruments Website