Curtiss-Wright / Pentland Systems MPV924 Digital Input/Output Board
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Curtiss-Wright / Pentland Systems MPV924 Digital Input/Output Board


  • (96) Digital Inputs / Outputs
  • (16) Channels with Software Programmable “Change of State” Response
  • (7) Levels of VMEbus Interrupt, Selectable through Software

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The Curtis-Wright / Pentland Systems MPV924 Digital Input/Output Board is a single 6U card and is electrically and mechanically compatible with the VMEbus specification IEEE STD 1014-1987.

The board provides 96 TTL-compatible digital channels which may be programmed in groups of eight under control of the DATA DIRECTION REGISTER to act as either inputs or outputs.

An added feature of the board is a custom-programmable chip which can monitor 16 I/O lines and under software control of two 16-bit interrupt registers, become the source of VMEbus interrupts.

Upon power-up, after a SYSRESET or after a SOFTRESET - (generated through the system memory map), all software programmable registers are reset to 00(H) and all digital I/O channels are configured as inputs.

Each digital I/O channel is accessed via one of the six 34-way latching IDC connectors. The pinouts of these connectors are fully compatible with the PCI-20058T-1 and PCI-20025T-2 termination panels available from Burr-Brown. These termination panels provide a convenient method of connecting from the field to the bus by means of screw terminals.

Product Family: MPV924, MPV-924
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