ThorLabs FGA01FC InGaAs High Speed Photodiode
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ThorLabs FGA01FC InGaAs High Speed Photodiode


  • FC/PC Bulkhead
  • Measures Both Pulsed and CW Fiber Light Sources
  • TO-46 (Mod) Package Housing

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Part Numbers: PTP01307802, PTPO1308939, TP00941544

Stock # 94292-1

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The Thorlabs FGA01FC InGaAs High Speed Photodiode is ideal for measuring both pulsed and CW fiber light sources, by converting the optical power to an electrical current. The detector is housed in a TO-46 (mod) package with an anode, cathode, and case connection and mounted in an FC bulkhead connector. The photodiode anode produces a current, which is a function of the incident light power and the wavelength.

The bandwidth, fBW, and the rise time response, tR, are determined from the diode capacitance, CJ, and the load resistance, R(L). The diode capacitance can be lowered by placing a bias voltage from the photodiode cathode to the circuit ground.

Product Family: FGA01FC, PTP01307802, PTPO1308939, TP00941544
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ThorLabs FGA01FC Datasheet (pdf) 
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