Measurement Computing / IOtech DBK70 Vehicle Network Interface Module
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Measurement Computing / IOtech DBK70 Vehicle Network Interface Module


  • Measures Up to (70) Vehicle Network Parameters
  • Synchronously Record Vehicle Network Data
  • Up to (4) Network Types can be Concurrently Attached
  • Attaches to any of Measurement Computing / IOtech’s Data Acquisition Products

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This unit does not include software or cables. Please contact manufacturer for pricing and availability.

• (2) DBK70P-4 Output Cards
• (1) DBK70N-1850PWM Network Interface Card
• (1) DBK70N-1850VPW Network Interface Card
• (1) DBK70N-ISO9141 Network Interface Card

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The Measurement Computing / IOtech DBK70 Vehicle Network Interface Module allows Measurement Computing / IOtech's data acquisition products to record vehicle network parameters synchronously with measurements made by Measurement Computing / IOtech data acquisition systems. In contrast to other vehicle network recording systems, the DBK70 offers a unique solution that guarantees time correlation between vehicle network parameters and direct analog and digital measurements.

By attaching the DBK70 to the vehicle's OBD (on-board diagnostic) connector, network parameters of all kinds can be recorded along with measurements from transducers attached directly to Measurement Computing / IOtech's family of data acquisition products.

Product Family: DBK70, DBK70P-4, DBK70N-1850PWM, DBK70N-1850VPW, DBK70N-ISO9141
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