Versalogic EPM-NET-100 PC/104 Ethernet Module
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Versalogic EPM-NET-100 PC/104 Ethernet Module


  • 10BaseT / 100 BaseTX High Speed Ethernet
  • PC/104-Plus High Speed PCI Interface
  • 12K Ethernet Transmit / Receive Data Buffer
  • Remote Boot Ethernet Option

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The Versalogic EPM-NET-100 PC/104 Ethernet Module combines a high-performance 10/100 Megabit per second (Mbps) Ethernet interface with an on-board DiskOnChip nonvolatile storage site. It features a highspeed PC/104-Plus PCI system interface to support high network data rates.

The Ethernet section, based on the AMD 79C973 controller, provides a standard 10BaseT and 100BaseTX network interface. The Ethernet controller features auto-negotiation for standard twistedpair (10T/100TX) operation using a modified 10BaseT link integrity test pulse sequence. It automatically configures to match the speed of the connected hub without the need for jumper or software configuration.

An optional Ethernet boot-ROM site allows the system to automatically boot from a server at power-up, eliminating the need for a local hard or floppy drive.

The EPM-NET-100 module also provides a socketed DiskOnChip site for Flash File Systems. The completely nonvolatile solid state memory is ideal for both program and data storage. Normally the DiskOnChip operates like a standard disk drive and supports normal file type reads and writes. Most operating systems also support the DiskOnChip as a bootable device, allowing 100% solid state program storage. Combining both Ethernet and Flash expansion on a single module provides considerable cost and space savings for systems that do not have adequate Flash capacity.

Product Family: EPM-NET-100, EPMNET100, EPM_NET_100
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Versalogic EPM-NET-100 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Versalogic Website