Cognex MVS-8110 Series Frame Grabbers
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Cognex MVS-8110 Series Frame Grabbers


  • High Performance
  • Multichannel PCI Bus
  • Cost-Effective

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8110/CVM1 Configuration:
• 256 KB SRAM
• 512 KB Flash
• Video Format: Pulnix TM7EX 320x240

CVM1 Daughter Card Configurations:
• Camera Types Supported: Standard RS-170 / CCIR Analog
• Camera Models Supported: Sony XC-75, Sony XC-55, Sony XC-7500
• (4) Cameras
• (4) Simultaneous Acquisitions

Part Numbers: 8110-CVM1-32, 200-0079-2, 801-8422-01
CVM1 Daughter Card Part Number: 200-0100-1

Stock # 94592-1

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The Cognex MVS-8110 Series Frame Grabbers are modular PCI bus frame grabbers that combines MMX-optimized host-based processing and Cognex's comprehensive library of vision tools to provide a cost-effective, high performance vision solution. Its configurable acquisition system allows users to choose between acquisition/display modules for multiple cameras, color cameras, and large format digital cameras.

The MVS-8110, which features the revolutionary PatMax object location technology, is designed for demanding guidance, alignment, inspection, and gauging applications.

Product Family: MVS-8110, MVS8110, 8110/CVM1, 8110_CVM1, 8110/CVM4, 8110_CVM4, 8110/CVM6, 8110_CVM6
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