Versalogic VL-7709 Series Memory Cards for STD Bus
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Versalogic VL-7709 Series Memory Cards for STD Bus


  • 64KB to 256 KB Capacity
  • (8) 28-Pin JEDEC Memory Sockets
  • Accepts 8KB and 32KB RAMs and ROMs
  • 16-Bit and 20-Bit Address Decoding

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The Versalogic VL-7709 Series Memory Cards for STD Bus include (8) 28-pin JEDEC sockets which can be jumpered to accept 8KB or 32KB memory chips. This provides a capacity of 64KB (with 8KB chips) or 256KB (with 32KB chips) of memory. RAM and ROM chips (of similar size) can be mixed on the same board.

The board provides both 16-bit addressing (for Z80, 8085, ect.) and extended 20-bit addressing for use with STD 8088 systems. In addition, a programmable bank select port allows selection of multiple memory boards in 16-bit systems (in either 32KB or 64KB blocks). Multiple VL-7709 boards (up to 1 MB) can be directly addressed in 20-bit systems.

The MEMEX signal is decoded for use with bootstrap applications, or for further extending the number of boards that can be addressed.

The battery backup option provides a completely self-contained data retention system for use in nonvolatile memory applications. The long life lithium battery, and complete power monitoring circuitry allow the on-board data to be retained for 5-10 years (depending on the chips used) with or without the presence of system power.

Write inhibit switches allow on-board RAM to be protected (to act as ROM) to simplify test during software development.

Product Family: VL-7709, VL-7709a, VL-7709b, VL-77CT09a, VL-77CT09b
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Versalogic VL-7709b Datasheet (pdf) 
Versalogic VL-7709 Series Manual (pdf) 
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