Versalogic VL-586-1 5x86 Industrial CPU Card
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Versalogic VL-586-1 5x86 Industrial CPU Card


  • 586 133 MHz CPU (Pentium 75 Equivalent)
  • 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 MB System RAM
  • 512KB Battery Backed Static RAM
  • PC/104-Plus Expansion Site

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• 133 MHz Am5x86 Microprocessor
• 64 MB DRAM
• 512 KB Flash

Part Number: VL-586-1hn

Stock # 94688-1

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The Versalogic VL-586-1 5x86 Industrial CPU Card is a complete DOS compatible computer. It combines standard DOS/Windows hardware with VersaLogic's customized BIOS firmware, and an interface to the STD/STD 32 Bus. The result is familiar DOS based operating systems on an industrial I/O platform unsurpassed for durability and economy.

The VL-586-1 board features an AMD 5x86 processor chip. This cool-running chip is rated for use in ambient temperatures of 0° to 60° C with a small heat sink only. No fan or special cooling is necessary. Its strong performance is shown with benchmark tests that rate slightly faster than a Pentium 75. In addition, the 5x86 chip is part of AMD's embedded products line which assures its long term availability.

The VL-586-1's PC/104-Plus expansion site allows a PC/104 or PC/104-Plus module to be stacked directly on the board. This permits the use of high speed video modules and "local" I/O expansion in systems using multiple processor cards. Use of on-board PC/104 modules requires an empty card slot space next to the VL-586-1 board.

In addition to system RAM and Flash memory options, this board includes an optional 512K of battery-backed static RAM. This supports requirements for non-volatile storage without the write-cycle limitations of Flash memory.

Product Family: VL-586-1, VL5861, VL_586_1
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Versalogic VL-586-1 Datasheet (pdf) 
Versalogic VL-586-1 Manual (pdf) 
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