Dalsa / Imaging Technology IPD VA2X / VA3X Dual Camera Vision Appliance
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Dalsa / Imaging Technology IPD VA2X / VA3X Dual Camera Vision Appliance


  • Compact DIN Mountable System
  • Single or Dual Camera Inspections
  • Suitable for Light-Fit Camera Applications
  • Online or Offline Inspection

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•Sensor Size Min: 640x480
•Sensor Size Max: 1024x768
•USB: 2x USB 1.1

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The VA2X and VA3X Vision Appliances provide end users and system integrators with practical machine vision solutions for single or dual camera applications. These low-power DIN mountable systems have been specifically designed to minimize integration and speed deployment by providing easily accessible control and intuitive software setup.

Unlike their traditional smart camera counterparts, the VA2X and VA3X incorporate the "smarts" inside the camera controller, as opposed to the camera head. This has the dual benefit of easier integration, since it can be positioned in a chassis alongside other automation controllers, and smaller camera size, thus making it suitable for tight-fit applications. In addition, the built-in dual camera capability provides a cost-effective solution in multi-camera applications.,br/>
Interfacing the VA2X and VA3X is a snap. The units are fully equipped with industrial grade Inputs and Outputs that are wired using removable screw terminal connectors. Visible LED lights are coupled to each connection that reflects the active state of each signal. The I/O, together with all external interfaces, is conveniently accessible on the front of the unit facing the user.

Application setup software is preinstalled and ready to run, thus eliminating installation and revision control problems. The VA2X and VA3X offer two distinct software interfaces, called iNspect and Sherlock. iNspect provides application versatility and ease-of-use, allowing you to setup and deploy a vision solution in a matter of minutes. For more complex tasks, Sherlock provides even greater flexibility and control, giving you the tools and capabilities at your fingertips to apply to almost any application.

Less integration, quick software setup, multiple cameras..with the VA2X or VA3X Vision Appliance, integrating machine vision just got a whole lot easier!
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Dalsa / Imaging Technology IPD VA20-03 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Dalsa / Imaging Technology Website