Versalogic VL-686-2 Series STD 32 Pentium-Class Processor Boards
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Versalogic VL-686-2 Series STD 32 Pentium-Class Processor Boards


  • Full Socket 7 CPU Support
  • 256 KB Level 2 Cache, 512KB on VL-686-2s
  • 8 to 256 MB System RAM
  • 10 / 100 Dual-Speed Ethernet

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This board meant meant to be a replacement main circuit board. It does not included the CPU board, the SRAM or the Disk-on-Chip. It has been priced accordingly.

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The Versalogic VL-686-2 Series STD 32 Pentium-Class Processor Boards are performance-oriented processor boards for STD 32 bus systems. They are specifically designed for OEM control projects requiring fast processing, compact size, flexible memory options, high reliability, and long product lifespan / availability.

The VL-686-2 is a complete single board computer and may be used alone or with additional CPU or I/O boards. In addition to its STD 32 bus interface, it features a PC/104-Plus expansion site for on-board use of fast (PCI-based) PC/104 and PC/104-Plus modules.

Up to 256 MB of low power system RAM is supported in a high-reliability latching 144-pin SODIMM socket. Bootable DiskOnChip Flash modules are supported for non-volatile program and data file storage without the use of mechanical disk drives. A battery backed SRAM site is available for non-volatile storage of rapidly changing data. An extra IDE port allows the use of a remotely located CompactFlash adapter.

The high reliability design and construction of this board features latching I/O connectors, watchdog timer, and voltage sensing reset circuit. Additional high-reliability features include an industrial long-life battery and a self-resetting fuse on the 5V supply to the keyboard, mouse, and USB ports. An onboard programmable CPU temperature sensor is included for use in difficult thermal situations. The sensor output can be used to turn on additional fans, create local or remote warnings, or take other action through software triggers.

Product Family: VL-686-2 Series, VL6862, VL-686-2s, VL6862s, VL-686-2b, VL6862b, VL-686-2c, VL6862c, VL-686-2g, VL6862g, VL-686-2h, VL6862h
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Versalogic VL-686-2 Series Datasheet (pdf) 
Versalogic VL-686-2 Series Manual (pdf) 
Link to Versalogic Website