Cognex 5700 / 5900 Series Vision Processor System
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Cognex 5700 / 5900 Series Vision Processor System


  • VC3 and VC4 Dedicated Vision Processing Chips
  • 16 or 32 MB of Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM)
  • 5V, 32-Bit PCI Interface

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• 50 MHz Processor
• 512 KB Flash

CVM1 Daughter Card:
• (4) Acquisition Channels
• (1) Camera per Acquisition Channel
• (4) Simultaneous Acquisitions

Part Number: 200-0074-2
CVM1 Daughter Card Part Number: 200-0082

Stock # 94724-1

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The Cognex 5700 / 5900 Series Vision Processor System features a Cognex VC3 and VC4 dedicated vision processing chips. The Cognex 5700 vision processor uses a Motorola MC68040 microprocessor running at 25 MHz. The Cognex 5900 uses a Motorola MC68060 microprocessor running at 50 MHz. A floating point coprocessor in the MC68882 class is included in the MC68040 and MC68060 CPUs.

The Cognex 5700/5900 system supports 16 or 32 MBytes of synchronous DRAM (SDRAM). This series does not contain dedicated video memory. The memory for image and graphics buffers is allocated from the vision processor's SDRAM main memory.

The Cognex 5700/5900 PCI bus interface is a 5 V, 32-bit interface that conforms to the PCI 2.1 standard.

Product Family: VPM-59432-20, VPM5943220, VPM_59432_20, CVM0, CVM1, CVM3
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Cognex 5700 / 5900 Series Manual (pdf) 
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