WinSystems PCM-SX Series PC/104 Single Board Computers
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WinSystems PCM-SX Series PC/104 Single Board Computers


  • 33 MHz 386SX
  • Up to 8MB of Surface Mounted DRAM
  • Onboard Bootable 32-Pin DIP Flash, SRAM or (EP)ROM
  • Up to 288MB Flash Disk with Flash File System
  • (3) 16-Bit Counter/Timers
  • Real-Time Clock with Battery Backup

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This is a customized version of the standard PMC-SX Board.

• Processor: ALI M6117, 33 MHz
• Memory: 4MB DRAM

Part Number: 400-0249-000G

Stock # 94730-1

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The WinSystems PCM-SX Series PC/104 Single Board Computers are a compact, 386SX compatible, single board computer (SBC) for embedded designers. It is an ideal solution where PC-AT power, performance and compatibility are needed in space- and budget-limited industrial applications. Even though the board is PC-AT compatible, it will operate without disks, keyboard or a monitor. The PCM-SX Series is well suited for portable and mobile products because of its compact size, processing performance, +5 volt only operation and low power requirements. The PCM-SX Series can operate as a standalone SBC or expanded with PC/104 modules to meet the system hardware configuration requirements.

The PCM-SX Series module operates at 33 MHz. The processor and core logic chip set are integrated into a highly efficient single device that includes the DRAM controller, bus interface and integrated peripheral controller. The AT peripherals include two 8237 DMAs, 8254 timer, two 82C59 interrupt controllers, keyboard controller, real time clock and CMOS memory. Up to 8MB of surface mounted dynamic RAM is populated on the board. These parts are soldered directly into the board to improve reliability for applications subject to shock and vibration.

Product Family: PCM-SX, PCM-SX-33-2M, PCM-SX-33-2M-ST, PCM-SX-33-4M, PCM-SX-33-4M-ST, PCM-SX-33-8M, PCM-SX-33-8M-ST, PCMSX-2787C
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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

WinSystems PCM-SX Series Datasheet (pdf) 
WinSystems PCM-SX Series Manual (pdf) 
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