Pickering 40-795 / 40-796 2-Pole Daisy Chain Switching Modules
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Pickering 40-795 / 40-796 2-Pole Daisy Chain Switching Modules


  • Suitable for Testing SONET/SDH Transmission Multiplexers
  • Suitable for Switching 100/120Ω Balanced Lines
  • (8) or (16) Tributaries Per 1-Slot Module
  • Up To 272 Tributaries Per 18 Slot PXI Chassis
  • All Tributaries Can be Daisy-Chained to One Signal
  • PXI or LXI Chassis Supported

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The Pickering 40-795 / 40-796 2-Pole Daisy Chain Switching Modules are designed for telecom test applications. They allow production or verification testing of SONET/SDH transmission multiplexers switching 2MBit/s (E1) or 1.5MBit/s (T1) data over 100Ω or 120Ω balanced lines.

Multiple modules can be cascaded together to form very large systems, for example a 7-slot PXI chassis can contain a 112 tributary switching system and an 18-slot PXI chassis can contain up to 272 tributaries.

The Daisy Chain Switching Module allows traffic to be sequentially Daisy-Chained through all tributaries (or any selection of tributaries) and modules can be cascaded to test any number of tributaries. Multiplexers are provided to allow transmit or receive instrumentation to be connected to any tributary. This allows specific testing of a port, for example for the measurement of pulse shape distortion or return loss.

Product Family: 40-795, 40-795-001, 40795001, 40-796, 40-796-001, 40796001
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