Maury Microwave 3.5mm Between-Series Adapaters
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Maury Microwave 3.5mm Between-Series Adapaters


  • Used to Connect 3.5mm Devices to Cables or Devices with 7mm Connectors
  • Low VSWR
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Repeatability
  • Phased Matched for VNA Applications

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• Adapts, Side A: 3.5mm Female
• Adapts, Side B: 7mm
• Insertion Length: 1.67 in. (4.24 cm)

Stock # 94919-1

• Adapt, Side A: Type N Male
• Adapt, Side B: 3.5mm Male
• Insertion Length: 1.62 in (4.11 cm)

Stock # 94910-6

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The Maury Microwave 3.5mm Between-Series Adapaters are used to connect 3.5mm devices to cables or devices with 7mm, type N, TNC, AFTNC, TNCA or BNC connectors. Low VSWR, low insertion loss and high repeatability, make these rugged, highly durable adapters ideal for use wherever frequent connect/disconnect cycles occur. Adapters in each model series are phase matched for VNA applications.

Product Family: 8022, 8023, 8025, 8682, 8672, 8028, 8022A1, 8022B1, 8022A2, 8022B2, 8023A, 8023B1, 8023C, 8023D1, 8025A1, 8025B1, 8025C1, 8025D1, 8682A, 8682B, 8682C, 8682D, 8672A, 8672B, 8672C, 8672D, 8028A, 8028B, 8028C, 8028D
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