ICS Electronics ICS-330 VME Digital I/O Module
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ICS Electronics ICS-330 VME Digital I/O Module


  • RS-422 Compatible Inputs and Outputs
  • (41) Differential Sampled Inputs
  • (23) Differential Control Outputs
  • (10) Enable/Disable Bits
  • (10) Hi/Lo Band Select Bits
  • 12Hz Sampling rates

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The ICS Electronics ICS-330 VME Module is an RS-422 level-compatible digital I/O board which provides 41 differential inputs and 24 differential control outputs. Performance Monitoring/Fault Location (PMFL) bits account for 40 of the differential input bits. The final input bit can be configured for one of the two control inputs: the Accoustic Communications (ACS) Request to Transmit signal, or the Time Control Unit (TCU) Transmit Start Pulse. Each input is sampled and compared with the corresponding previously sampled states. Any change in state causes an on-board interrupt. Both present and previous states of each input can be read from VMEbus.

The control outputs include ten Enable/Disable bits, ten Hi/Lo Band Select bits, and three Low-Frequency Transmit Subsystem (LTS) control bits. All control outputs are differential.

The differential inputs can be tri-stated, allowing a set of memory-mapped test registers to feed the comparator circuit. Also, the differential output bits are buffered back to VMEbus for diagnostic purposes.

Product Family: ICS-330, ICS330, ICS.330, ICS 330, ICS/330, 330, ICS-33O
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ICS Electronics 330 Manual (pdf) 
Link to ICS Electronics Website