Bel Fuse / Power-One MPB125 Series Multiple-Output AC-DC Series
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Bel Fuse / Power-One MPB125 Series Multiple-Output AC-DC Series


  • High Power Density in an Industry-Standard 3" x 5" Footprint
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Main Output Remote Sense
  • Power Good Signals
  • MTBF In Excess of 1M Hours Based Upon Field Data

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•Output 1:+3.3V, 10A
•Output 2:+5V, 15A
•Output 3:+12V, 5A/9Apk
•Output 4:-12V, 0.5A
•Option R:Remote On/Off Standby Output

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The MPB125 Series incorporates patented high efficiency circuitry, high power density and active Power Factor Correction (PFC) to meet the requirements of networking and data communications systems, as well as commercial and industrial configurations.

Dual output units deliver a regulated main output plus a second 12V output for fans or other system functions. Multiple output models provide tightly regulated DC power in a variety of configurations. The MPB125 is rated for convection as well as forced-air cooling. Full output power is available with as few as 5 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) forced-air cooling with the exception of the MPB125- 2003 and -2003D which need only 10 CFM for full power.

Product Family: MPB125 Series, MPB125-2003, MPB1252003, MPB125-2005, MPB1252005, MPB125-2012, MPB1252012, MPB125-2015, MPB1252015, MPB125-2024, MPB1252024, MPB125-2048, MPB1252048, MPB125-3000, MPB1253000, MPB125-4250, MPB1254250, MPB125-4350, MPB1254350
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Bel Fuse / Power-One MPB125 Series Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Bel Fuse / Power-One Website