Ametek / VTI Instruments / VXI Technology EX1048 48-Channel, Precision Thermocouple Instrument
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Ametek / VTI Instruments / VXI Technology EX1048 48-Channel, Precision Thermocouple Instrument


  • Channel Independence
  • Hardware Filter
  • Open Thermocouple (OTC) Detection
  • Cold Junction Compensation
  • Self-Calibration

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This unit has minor cosmetic damage; however, this will not prevent it from functioning properly.

Part Number: 70-0286-000

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The Ametek / VTI Instruments / VXI Technology EX1048 48-Channel, Precision Thermocouple Instrument is a combination of measurement performance and integrity, configuration flexibility, package density, and network connectivity makes it the most powerful, yet easy-to-use, instrument of its kind. The EX1048 is a complete, self-contained temperature measurement system that communicates over Ethernet. Unlike other data acquisition offerings in its class, the EX1048 offers a tightly integrated solution that frees the user from the complexity of marrying terminal blocks, signal conditioning cards, digitizer, power supply, and chassis together.

The EX1048 also provides a level of measurement integrity and channel independence that far exceeds the typical data acquisition system. Absent are caveats about scanning speed, channel order, and overload effects. In the EX1048, channels have no influence on each other, regardless of scanning speed or channel state. Excellent common mode rejection performance provides immunity from not only power line interference, but also high frequency noise. Moreover, it aids in maintaining overall system integrity by offering a high-performance open thermocouple detection system.

The EX1048 provides a high level of configuration flexibility as well. Each channel can be configured independently with regards to measurement function, hardware filter setting, and limit values. In addition to measuring all standard thermocouples, the EX1048 can be programmed with user-defined thermocouple polynomial equations or be used as a low-noise millivoltmeter. Scanning speed is programmable up to a maximum of 1 kHz, independent of the number of channels being scanned. This combination of filtering and scanning speed provides the EX1048 with the low noise performance required for sensitive applications as well as the speed necessary to measure fast, fine-gauge thermocouples.

For highest accuracy and stability, the EX1048 provides an embedded isothermal input section that is monitored by twelve precision thermistors, one for every four thermocouple channels. Moreover, it features an internal calibration source that can be used to self-calibrate the unit upon command. This extends the unit's high accuracy over a wide ambient temperature range. For maximum utility, detailed temperature accuracy specifications are provided over an ambient operating range of 15 °C to 35 °C, indicating accuracy limits with and without the use of selfcalibration.

Product Family: EX1048, EX 1048, EX-1048, EX.1048
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