Microsemi / Symmetricom / Datum PRR-10 Primary Reference Receiver
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Microsemi / Symmetricom / Datum PRR-10 Primary Reference Receiver


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Stock # 94958-1

This unit is missing a thumb screw and has a chipped faceplate; however, this does not affect its ability to function properly.

• Oscillator: Quartz

View Photo of missing thumb screw and chipped faceplate.

Part Number: 23412895-000-0

Stock # 94958-5

Stock # 94958-6

•Length:5⅛ (13cm)
•Width: 1¼ (3.1cm)

Part Number: Rev B TAD

Stock # 94958-2

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The Microsemi / Symmetricom / Datum PRR-10 Primary Reference Receiver is designed around Bellcore GR-2830. It provides Stratum 1 synchronization signals for all TSGs designed to meet Bellcore GR-378-CORE and all levels between Stratum 2 and Stratum 3. It is modular in design and has various types of modules to select from so it can be configured to meet various requirements. The system can be configured to operate from either external or internal high quality rubidium or quartz local oscillators (LO) from a TSG or cesium standard. The PRR-10 can also accommodate one high quality local oscillator in the Main Shelf and a second oscillator in an optional expansion unit. These oscillators are used for the LO input; GPS signals are used for the reference input for the Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) techniques that are employed to enable optimum clock performance on the outputs. Micro-controllers control the DDS circuitry and store configuration information, operating status and signal data. They also record faults, changes in configuration, and changes in operating status. The operator can retrieve this information remotely through two RS-232 communications ports.

Product Family: PRR-10, PRR10, PRR 10, PRR/10, PRR.10, CC/8, CC8, CC-8, DS1/E1, DS1-E1, DS1E1
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Microsemi / Symmetricom / Datum PRR-10 Manual (pdf) 
Link to Microsemi / Symmetricom / Datum Website