Modular Micro Controls PC-452 Real-Time PC Control Coprocessor
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Modular Micro Controls PC-452 Real-Time PC Control Coprocessor


  • 8051-Family-Compatible
  • Single Board Controller
  • Slave Coprossesor for the PC / AT ISA Bus
  • 128-Byte Bidirectional FIFO

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The Modular Micro Controls PC-452 Real-Time PC Control Coprocessor is an 805 1 -family-compatible single-board controller configured as a slave coprocessor for the PC / AT ISA bus. Typical applications include network master controller, intelligent serial port controller, I / O controller, and peripheral controller.

The board has been developed around Intel's 80C452 Universal Peripheral Interface microcontroller and interfaces to the PC bus with a 128-byte bidirectional FIFO. The board features two 8-bit high-current, quasi-bidirectional I/O ports; two CMOS MPU I / O ports; two user 8-bit DIP switches; and an 8051-compatible Y-bit UART with either RS-232C or RS-485 drivers. The PC-452 provides a standard 8051 local bus with two JEDEC-compatible, 32-pin memory sites (Code and Data). The standard configuration includes 64K of EPROM and 32K of battery-backed SRAM.

To aid in debugging software, a status LED is provided for each bit of MPU Port 1. An MC-bus expansion connector and an external power supply input connector are also provided. The expansion connector is compatible with Modular Micro Controls' line of peripheral modules.

Product Family: PC-452, PC452, PC.452, PC/452, PC\452
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Modular Micro Controls PC-452 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Modular Micro Controls Website