L-3 / Narda SMA Miniature Stripline Coaxial Couplers
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L-3 / Narda SMA Miniature Stripline Coaxial Couplers


  • Smallest, Lightest Units from 0.5 to 18 GHz
  • Highest Directivity, Lowest VSWR
  • Excellent Frequency Flatness
  • Operational to 105°C without Degredation

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• Frequency Range: 1-2 GHz
• Coupling: 20 ± 1.25 dB
• Directivity: 27 dB min.
• Frequency Sensitivity: ±0.75 dB Max.
• Power Input: 50W

Stock # 95483-1

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The L-3 / Narda SMA Miniature Stripline Coaxial Couplers have the highest directivity with the lowest VSWR. The smallest, lightest units are from 0.5 to 18 GHz, with excellent frequency flatness. These coaxial couplers are operational to 105°C without degredation and to 125°C in storage.

Product Family: 4011C-10, 4011C-20, 4012C-6, 4012C-10, 4012C-20, 4012C-30, 4013C-6, 4013C-10, 4013C-20, 4013C-30, 4216-10, 4216-20, 4014C-6, 4014C-10, 4014C-20, 4014C-30, 4015C-6, 4015C-10, 4015C-20, 4015C-30, 4055-6, 4055-10, 4055-20, 4055-30, 4016D-6, 4016D-10, 4016C-20, 4016C-30
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L-3 / Narda Coaxial Coupler Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to L-3 / Narda Website