Acromag / Xembedded / Xycom XVME-630 68EC030 Processor Module
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Acromag / Xembedded / Xycom XVME-630 68EC030 Processor Module


  • 68EC030 CPU Speed either 25 or 40 MHz
  • 68882 Floating-Point Co-Processor Site
  • (2) Asynchronous/Synchronous Serial Channels
  • Programmable VMEbus Interrupter
  • Serial Battery-Backed Real-Time Clock with 32B of Battery-Backed RAM

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• Processor: MC68EC030 25MHz

Part Number: 70630-0-25, 97501-001, 71630A-001

Stock # 95849-1

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The Acromag / Xembedded / Xycom XVME-630 68EC030 Processor Module is a high-performance, low-cost VMEbus compatible processor module. This single-board, double-high processor contains a 68EC030 CPU running at 25 or 40 MHz. The module contains three memory banks, each of which has four sockets. Bank 1 is designed to accept high-speed SRAM and Bank 2 accepts EPROM. Bank 3 is dual-ported to the VMEbus and can accommodate SRAM, EPROM, or Flash Memory. Maximum memory is 2 MB of SRAM in Bank 1; 4 MB of EPROM in Bank 2; and 4 MB of EPROM, 2 MB of SRAM, or 1 MB of Flash memory in Bank 3.

The XVME-630 Processor Module also provides two asynchronous/synchronous serial channels and two 16-bit programmable timers via an on-board 68562 Dual Universal Serial Communications Controller (DUSCC). Serial channel A is a dedicated RS-232C port, whereas channel B can be jumper-configured to RS-232C or RS-485.

The XVME-630 processor is equipped with three front panel LEDs to indicate diagnostic PASS/FAIL status as well as RUN status.

Product Family: XVME-630, XVME.630, XVME/630, XVME 630, XVME630, 68EC030, 68ECO30, 68ECO3O, 68-EC-030
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Acromag / Xembedded / Xycom XVME-630 Manual (pdf) 
Link to Acromag / Xembedded / Xycom Website