Teradyne Di-Series Digital Test Instruments (DTI)
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Teradyne Di-Series Digital Test Instruments (DTI)


  • (64) Single-Ended or (32) Single-Ended Channels
  • 25 MHz or 50 MHz Data Clock Rate
  • Per-Channel Programming of Levels and Timing
  • 256K Flexible Pattern Memory per Channel
  • 8M Deep Serial Memory per Channel
  • Handshake Engine for Asynchronous Busses

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• Data and Clock Rate: 25 MHz
• Channels/VXI Slot: 64 Single-Ended (32 Differential Pairs)
• Drive and Detect Levels: ± 30 V, 30 V Max. Swing

Stock # 98048-1

This unit includes the Teradyne CSI Diagnostics SW-410-11 software, Part Number: PS-133-00, Version 6.1.

• Data and Clock Rate: 50 MHz
• Channels/VXI Slot: 32 Single-Ended (16 Differential Pairs)
• Drive and Detect Levels: ±30 V, 30 V Max. Swing

View Photo of Teradyne CSI Diagnostics SW-410-11 software.

Stock # 95855-1

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The Teradyne Di-Series Digital Test Instruments (DTI) pack the industry's most powerful combination of performance, density, flexibility, usability, and reliability into a highly integrated, standards-based solution. The Di-Series DTI increases usability, functionality and commonality while reducing the total number of instruments needed by a test system. As a result, using Di-Series instruments decreases a test systems footprint, programming, support, and cost-of-ownership. As part of Teradyne's Core System Instrumentation (CSi) portfolio, the flexibility and performance of Di-Series instruments meet the essential requirements common to Defense and Aerospace automatic test equipment (ATE). In addition, Di-Series instruments provide the key features needed to test all levels of integration from the board level (SRA/SRU) to box level (WRA/LRU).

Product Family: Di-Series, DI-Series, D1-Series, Di Series, DI Series, D1 Series, DiSeries, DISeries, D1Series, Di.Series, DI.Series, D1.Series, DI-050-30, DI05030, DI 050 30, DI.050.30, DI-O5O-3O, DI-050-90, DI05090, DI 050 90, DI.050.90, DI-O5O-9O, DI-025-22, DI02522, D1-025-22
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Teradyne Di-Series Datasheet 1 (pdf) 
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