Datron / Transworld TW7000 HF Transceiver
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Datron / Transworld TW7000 HF Transceiver


  • Voice and Data Operation over the Entire 1.6 to 30 MHz HF Spectrum
  • Automatic Link Establishment
  • High-Speed Data Transmission and Encryption

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• Operation: Continuous Duty
• Voltage: 220V Only
• Input: Universal

Stock # 95864-1

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The Datron / Transworld TW7000 HF Transceiver is an advanced HF transceiver providing a complete range of both voice and data operation over the entire 1.6 to 30 MHz HF spectrum. The TW7000 uses multiple microprocessors, direct digital synthesis (DDS), and offers built-in options such as automatic link establishment (ALE), high-speed data transmission and encryption.

The TW7000 is part of an overall family of equipment offering a complete selection of accessories, including power supplies, antenna tuners, high power amplifiers, data terminal equipment, etc. DWC offers systems using the TW7000 configured in a variety of ways to solve communication requirements.

Product Family: TW7000, 7000ACH, 7000ALE, 7000CLK, 7000RS, 7000ENCR, 7000FALC, 7000RF, 7000HS, 7000RI, 7000CW, 7000NB, 7000RCDR, 7000TC, 7000VEM, 7000WB1, TW7000C, TW7000E, TW7000PP, TW7000RF, TW7000RI, TW7000RX, TW7000TX
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Datron / Transworld TW7000 Manual (pdf) 
Link to Datron / Transworld Website