Amphenol PT-SE, SP-SE, MS/PT-SE MIL-DTL-26482 Series I Bayonet Coupling and Crimp Termination Connectors
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Amphenol PT-SE, SP-SE, MS/PT-SE MIL-DTL-26482 Series I Bayonet Coupling and Crimp Termination Connectors


  • Durable, Non-Conductive, Hard Anodic "Alumilite" Coating
  • Corrosion Resistant, Electrically Conductive Finish of Cadmium Plate
  • Olive Drab Chromate After-Treatment (PT-SE, MS/PT-SE)
  • Closed Entry Design Socket Contacts
  • Aluminum Shell Components
  • Both Pins and Sockets are Machined from a Copper Alloy and are Gold Plated

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This unit is also known as the Bendix MS3126F18-32S (PT06SE18-32S) MIL-DTL-26482 Series I Bayonet Coupling and Crimp Termination Straight Plug. The connector has a few pins installed that may need be removed before use.

MS3126F18-32S (PT06SE18-32S) Configuration:
• Shell Style: PT06SE/MS3126 Cable Plug (Less Rear Accessories)
• Endbell: Environmental with Clamp
• Layout: 18-32
 • Service Rating: I
 • Total: 32
 • Contacts: 20/32
• Contact: Socket
• Insert Rotations:
  • W: 85°
  • X: 138°
  • Y: 222°
  • Z: 265°
• Plating: Olive Drab Cadmium

Included Accessories:
• (1) Blank Pin
• (41) Pins, Part Number: M39029/32-259

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The Amphenol PT-SE, SP-SE, MS/PT-SE MIL-DTL-26482 Series I Bayonet Coupling and Crimp Termination Connectors provide performance and versatility needed for applications demanding high reliability and crimp removable contacts. These crimp contacts are rear insertable/front release and are held in position by an MS approved spring tower retention system.

The MS/PT-SE Series is qualified to MIL-DTL-26482, Series 1 and has all the outstanding design characteristics and quality of the PT Series. The SP-SE Series is a modification of the PT-SE, providing special shells with a wide mounting flange for back panel mounting.

A corrosion resistant electrically conductive finish of cadmium plate with an olive drab chromate after-treatment is used on the PT-SE and MS/PT-SE. The SP-SE is given a durable non-conductive hard anodic "Alumilite" coating which provides abrasion protection and resistance to corrosion.

500 hour corrosion resistance, RoHS compliant harsh environment conductive plating. Gray Zinc over an Electroless Nickel (Gray ZnNi) base, with a Light Gun Metal Gray appearance.

Shell components for these series are aluminum. The dependable 5 key/keyway polarization with bayonet lock coupling assures positive mating with no chance of cross plugging. Spring tension provided by a wave washer in the coupling nut ensures maintenance of interfacial seal between mating halves. Both the insert and main joint gasket are molded from resilient neoprene. This provides excellent moisture sealing at the gasket and superior electrical isolation of the contact in the insert.

Both pins and sockets are machined from a copper alloy and are gold plated. This gold plating eliminates contact corrosion and offers an indefinite shelf life. Socket contacts for these series are a closed entry design. Breakaway style plug is available in PT-SE crimp. The PT-SE, SP-SE and MS/PT-SE Series are intermateable and intermountable with all existing Miniature Cylindrical Series connectors.

Product Family: PT-SE, SP-SE, MS/PT-SE MIL-DTL-26482, 26482, MS3126F18-32S, MS3126, MS3126F, PT06SE18-32S, PT06, PT06SE
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