Cobham / Aeroflex / Racal 6402 AIME Protocol Test System
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Cobham / Aeroflex / Racal 6402 AIME Protocol Test System


  • Contains Either (1) or (2) Base Station Emulators (BSE)
  • Controllable by PC via Ethernet Connection, or Remotely via a LAN
  • Acts as a Network Emulator
  • Built in Logging of Signaling Procedures

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The Cobham / Aeroflex / Racal 6402 AIME Protocol Test System is a protocol test system for cdmaOne, and CDMA2000 (1X and 1xEV-DV), supporting current implementations of CDMA2000 terminals including those specified by 3GPP2. It is designed for use in research and development environments or for use in laboratory conformance and inter-operability testing.

The system acts as a network emulator, and it provides built in logging of signaling procedures to enable full testing and investigation. In this way the system provides a cost-effective environment to perform testing.

The system runs on the 6402 hardware platform developed by Aeroflex. It employs a Compact PCI (cPCI) architecture to provide a modular customizable design, allowing it to be configured and scaled for the user's requirements. The system is controlled by a PC either locally using an Ethernet connection, or remotely via a LAN.

Product Family: 6402 AIME, 6402AIME, 6402-AIME, 6402/AIME, 6402.AIME, 64O2 AIME, MS107187, MS-107187, MS/107187, MS 107187, MS.107187, 6400-120, 6400 120, 6400/120, 6400.120, 6400120
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