RTD Embedded Technologies CMi386sx33 and CMi486sxlc66 cpuModules
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RTD Embedded Technologies CMi386sx33 and CMi486sxlc66 cpuModules


  • (2) Solid State Disk Sockets
  • A Non-Volatile Configuration EEPROM
  • A Watchdog Timer
  • (1) RS232/422-485 Serial Port and (1) RS232 Serial Port

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• Processor: 33MHz Intel 80386xx
• SRAM: 128KB
• Flash: 128KB

Stock # 95912-1

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The RTD Embedded Technologies CMi386sx33 and CMi486sxlc66 cpuModules are easily customized by stacking PC/104 modules such as video controllers, modems, LAN controllers, or analog and digital data acquisition modules. Stacking PC/104 modules on the cpuModule avoids expensive installations of backplanes and card cages and preserves the module's compactness.

A PC compatible BIOS is also implemented in the cpuModule. This BIOS supports ROM-DOS and MS-DOS operating systems. Drivers in the BIOS allow booting from floppy disk, hard disk, Solid State Disk, or DiskOnChip, thus enabling the system to be used with traditional disk drives or nonmechanical drives.

The cpuModule and BIOS are also compatible with most real-time operating systems for PC compatible computers, although these may require creation of custom drivers to use the SSD, EEPROM, and watchdog timer.

For industrial applications, a set of BIOS functions have also been implemented which allow easy control of system hardware devices.

Product Family: CMi486sxlc6, CMi386sx3, CMi486sxlc66, CMi386sxl33, CMi386sx33, CMi486sx66
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