RTD Embedded Technologies DM5416 Analog I/O DataModule
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RTD Embedded Technologies DM5416 Analog I/O DataModule


  • (8) Differential or (16) Single-Ended Analog Input Channels
  • 16-Bit, 10 Microsecond Analog-Digital Converter with 100 kHz Max. Throughput
  • -10 to +10 V Input Range
  • 1024 x 16 Channel-Gain Scan Memory with Skip Bit
  • Scan, Burst, and Multiburst Using the Channel-Gain Table
  • DMA Transfer

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The RTD Embedded Technologies DM5416 Analog I/O DataModule has analog-to-digital circuitry that receives up to 8 differential or 16 single-ended analog inputs and converts these inputs into 16-bit digital data words which can then be read or transferred to PC memory. The module is factory set for single-ended input channels.

The analog input voltage range is -10 to +10 volts. Overvoltage protection to ±35 volts is provided at the inputs . The common mode input voltage for differential operation is ±10 volts. The high-performance A/D converter supports fast-settling, software-programmable gains of 1, 2, 4, and 8.

A/D conversions are performed in 10 microseconds, and the maximum throughput rate of the module is 100 kHz. Conversions are controlled by software command, by an on-board pacer clock, by using triggers to start and stop sampling, or by using the sample counter to acquire a specific number of samples. Several trigger sources can be used to turn the pacer clock on and off, giving you exceptional flexibility in data acquisition. Scan, burst, and multiburst modes are supported by using the channel-gain scan memory. A first in, first out (FIFO) sample buffer helps your computer manage the high throughput rate of the A/D converter by acting as an elastic storage bin for the converted data. Even if the computer does not read the data as fast as conversions are performed, conversions can continue until the FIFO is full.

Product Family: DM5416, DM/5416, DM.5416, DM 5416, DM-5416, DM5416-2, DM5416-1
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RTD Embedded Technologies DM5416 Datasheet (pdf) 
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