Agilent / Acqiris U1084A PCIe High-Speed Digitizer
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Agilent / Acqiris U1084A PCIe High-Speed Digitizer


  • Highly Flexible, High-Speed Data Acquisition Card with On-Board FPGA
  • Dual- and Single-Channel Acquisition Modes
  • Up to 4 GS/s Sampling Rate
  • Up to 1.5 GHz Bandwidth
  • Complete Pre- and Post-Triggering

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This unit includes the cooling fan assembly.

• (2) Channels
• Sampling Rate: 2-4 GS/s
• Bandwidth: 1.5 GHz
• Processing Memory: 512 MB DRAM
• (2) SMA Connectors

Part Number: U1084-63005

Stock # 95924-1

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The Agilent / Acqiris U1084A PCIe High-Speed Digitizer are are designed for the specific purpose of optimizing high-speed ADC performance. The analog front-end technology provides signal conditioning, amplification, and interleaving functions essential for achieving high-speed data acquisition at GS/s rates. The digital data handling components provide vital clock and synchronization signals to capture and memorize acquired data with maximum data throughput. Together these ASICS make lowpower, high-fidelity data acquisition much more accessible and provide maximum data throughput to the host PC or processor to reduce the time and cost of measurement.

Product Family: U1084A, U1084A-001, U1084A-002, U1084A-003, U1084A-STD, U1084A-256, U1084A-128, U1084A-BNC, U1084A-SMA, U5300A-105, U1084A-AVG, U1084A-DGS, U1084A-DGT
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