ITCN ST101 SystemTrace Data Bus Monitor / Analyzer
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ITCN ST101 SystemTrace Data Bus Monitor / Analyzer


  • Simultaneous, Real-Time, Nonintrusive Monitoring of up to (32) Unique Nodes
  • Long-Term Data Acquisition and Storage Via SystemTrace Host Module
  • Time-Correlated Data Collection
  • Up to (256) Unique Events Collected Per Session
  • (8) Cross-Module Triggers

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• SystemTrace Controller, Part Number: 04-05186A, 2269-002
• SystemTrace 1553 Probe Card, Part Number: 04-05900 A, 945-003
• Backplane, Part Number: 04-05188
• (2) 1-DB9 to 4-TriAx cable adapters

Part Number: 01-05179, 07-5180

Stock # 96215-1

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The ITCN ST101 SystemTrace Data Bus Monitor / Analyzer has been designed to provide global visibility into system operation by monitoring key data flow in multiple, dissimilar data streams incorporated in embedded systems. This monitoring is accomplished using Real-Time NonIntrusive (RTNI) techniques so that the act of monitoring does not affect the system operation. The data files collected synchronously at the key dataflow points are time-correlated so that dependencies on actions among system elements can be observed.

SystemTrace has a networked architecture that incorporates distributed monitor modules for VME backplanes, MIL-STD-1553 data buses and future additions. A feature is also included to time-correlate the software execution in the system's processing units to the data in the heterogeneous data streams.

These modules can be distributed throughout the embedded system and over different physical locations. SystemTrace can take the form of laboratory instruments or onboard monitors with person-machine interfaces supporting operational functions.

The SystemTrace ST-201 VME Backplane Monitor / Analyzer is capable of monitoring and recording activity on all four VME backplane buses - Data Transfer Bus (DTB), Arbitration Bus, Interrupt Bus, and Utility Bus. This feature enables the analysis of data transfers between processors or any other device that participates in data transfers and VMEbus arbitration. VME protocol interactions can be analyzed by specifying operations on the Arbitration, Utility, and Interrupt Buses as events for the module to monitor and record.

Product Family: ST-101, ST-201, ST201, ST101, ST.101, ST.201, ST/101, ST/201, ST 101, ST 201, ST101-4
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ITCN SystemTrace ST101 Datasheet (pdf) 
ITCN SystemTrace ST101 Manual (pdf) 
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