Ametek / VTI Instruments / VXI Technology VT1432A / VT1432B 4/8/16-Channel, 102.4 kSa/s Digitizer Plus DSP
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Ametek / VTI Instruments / VXI Technology VT1432A / VT1432B 4/8/16-Channel, 102.4 kSa/s Digitizer Plus DSP


  • 4, 8 or 16 Inputs Channels
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • On-Board DSP
  • High-Speed Measurement Computation
  • Alias Protection

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The breakout box cover is damaged; however, this will not prevent it from functioning properly.

View Representative Photo of damaged breakout box.

Ametek / VTI Instruments / VXI Technology E1432-61600 Voltage-type Break Out Box
Each of the eight connectors in this type of Break Out Box is connected to an independent, floating current source. These are intended to power integrated-circuit piezo-electric (ICP) transducers. They supply 4.5 mA (nominal) at up to 28 volts. The current sources are controllable by software in groups of four. That is, the current sources for connectors 1-4 can be turned on or off as a group, as can the current sources for connectors 5-8.

Break Out Box Grounding
Each connector on the Ametek / VTI Instruments / VXI Technology E1432-61600 has a small manual switch next to it. When this switch is in the "GND" position the outer shell of the connector is grounded to the chassis ground of the VXI mainframe. When it is in the "DIFF" position it is not grounded to the mainframe and will float if not grounded elsewhere in the system (such as at the sensor). The connector shell should not be allowed to float: if the switch is in the "DIFF" position the shell should be grounded elsewhere in the system.

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The Ametek / VTI Instruments / VXI Technology VT1432A / VT1432B 4/8/16-Channel, 102.4 kSa/s Digitizers Plus DSP are C-size, single slot, register-based VXI modules that include digital signal processing (DSP), transducer signal conditioning, alias protection, digitization, and high-speed measurement computation.

Some modules are manufactured with optional arbitrary source or dual-input tachometer, for increased measurement functionality. On-board computation of measurement results, fast data transfer to the host computer, and a dedicated high-speed data bus for module-to-module communication all combine to provide outstanding measurement architecture for demanding mechanical, acoustic, and electrical test applications.

Putting so much capability into these instruments decreases system cost while increasing system performance. The VT1432A / VT1432B may contain up to four 4-channel input assemblies, giving them up to 16 inputs channels. On-board DSP and 32 MB of RAM maximize total system performance and flexibility. The new, redesigned 24-bit digitizer input combined with a large number of input ranges allow the VT1432A / VT1432B to operate in the most optimum measurement range. Even low sensitivity/low output level transducers work well with the VT1432B. The high performance floating point DSP used for the linear phase FIR anti-alias filters is also user programmable with TI's Code Composer Studio. A standard JTAG interface is included to ease interfacing to this DSP. The FIR anti-alias filter vastly improves the phase accuracy of all channels relative to the tachometer, trigger, and other channels.

Product Family: VT1432B, VT-1432B, VT/1432B, VT 1432B, VT.1432B, VT1432B-D4, VT1432A, VT-1432A
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