Diamond Systems High Integration PC/104 CPU with Ethernet Data Acquisition
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Diamond Systems High Integration PC/104 CPU with Ethernet Data Acquisition


  • 486-DX2 Processor
  • 32MB SDRAM System Memory
  • 50 MHz Memory Bus for Improved Performance
  • 2MB 16-Bit Wide Integrated Flash Memory for BIOS and User Programs
  • 8KB Unified Level 1 Cache
  • (4) Serial Ports

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• Processor: ZFMicro Devices ZFx86
• Memory: 32MB Soldered
• Display: None
• USB: 2 USB 1.1
• Networking: 10/100 Ethernet
• Mass Storage:IDE, FlashDisk
• Input Power: +5VDC ±10%
• Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

Part Number: PR-Z32-E-ST

Stock # 96224-1

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The Diamond Systems Prometheus High Integrated PC/104 CPU with Ethernet and Data Acquisition is an embedded PC/104 CPU that integrates 3 separate circuits onto a single compact board.

Prometheus conforms to the PC/104 standard, an embedded standard that is based on the ISA and PCI buses and provides a compact, rugged mechanical design for embedded systems.PC/104 modules feature a pin and socket connection system in place of card edge connectors, as well as mounting holes in each corner.

Prometheus uses the PCI bus internally to connect the ethernet circuit to the processor.

Product Family: PR-Z32-E-ST, PR-Z32-EA-ST, Prometheus
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