Textron Systems / AAI / Symtx Satellite Power Sub-System
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Textron Systems / AAI / Symtx Satellite Power Sub-System


  • VXI Mainframe
  • MXIBUS Extender
  • 4-Channel D/As
  • 64-Channel Scanning A/Ds
  • 72-Channel Relay Driver

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The Textron Systems / AAI / Symtx Satellite Power Sub-System is implemented using VXI hardware along with standard GPIB instrumentation. Testing consists of simulating various power situations to the DUT to characterize different conditions. A high current (40V, 70A) power supply is used to simulate batteries and other spacecraft power sources. It is also used to test the high power load sensors. The power supply, routed through a relay MUX, provides the capability to simulate HLP CMDs. An oscilloscope is used to monitor various test points in the system, and is also routed through the MUX. Two four-channel D/As simulate analog commands to the satellite, and provide constant current for thermistor calibration. The 64-channel scanning A/Ds are used with signal conditioning modules to monitor battery voltages, power supply buses, bi-level telemetry signals and analog telemetry signals. A resolver is used to measure critical phase information from multiple test points in the system. The relay driver is used to switch in various loads and controls. The transmitter/ receiver card is used to communicate with the satellite using 32-bit Manchester code, and 64-bit Manchester Telemetry protocol.

Product Family: 101955, I0I955, 1O1955, IOI955, 101951, I0I95I
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