Spellman HVD Series Resistive Voltage Dividers
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Spellman HVD Series Resistive Voltage Dividers


  • High Input Impedance
  • 25ppm Temperature Coefficient
  • 100kV, 200kV, and 400kV Models
  • Corona Free Operation
  • 0.5% Accuracy

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• Input Voltage: 0-100kVdc
• Input Impedance: 1000Mohms
• Output Impedance: 1M; 100kohms
• Output Taps: 100V, 10V
• Stability: 0.01%/8hrs

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The Spellman HVD Series Resistive Voltage Dividers provide laboratory or production facilities with a convenient method of measuring up to 100kVdc, 200kVdc or 400kVdc with accuracy better than 0.5%. These dividers are designed for use with high impedance digital voltmeters. All HVD dividers are housed in a polycarbonate cylinder containing a matched set of precision metal film resistors which have a temperature coefficient of less than 25ppm. A laddertype construction technique is used in conjunction with polished high voltage bushings specifically designed to minimize corona. BNC connectors are used to provide the low voltage proportional output signal.

Product Family: HVD, HVD Series, HVD100, HVD200, HVD400
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Spellman HVD Series Datasheet (pdf) 
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