CI Systems SR-800R Extended Area Blackbody
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CI Systems SR-800R Extended Area Blackbody


  • Built-in MRTD Testing for Added Efficiency
  • Superior Resolution to m°K
  • Built-In Tests to Shorten Maintenance Time
  • Calibrated Radiation Heads Independent of the Controller

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• GPIB Connection
• 2 Axes Control
• RS232 Connection

Part Number: SR800R-4D

Stock # 96413-1

The CI Systems SR800R-7A-LT Blackbody Head includes the A701-415-0230-04 Single Head Cable. This unit does not include the Julabo Circulation System.

• Absolute Blackbody
• Low Temperature
• Fluid Cooling

Part Number: SR800R-7A-LT

Stock # 96413-2

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The CI Systems SR-800R Extended Area Blackbody advanced architecture ControlMaster SR-800R sets a new standard for accuracy and uniformity in extended area blackbodies. Temperature measurement and calibration are both performed in the radiation head itself and then transferred digitally to the controller. The result is a more accurate,stable and flexible system that gives reliable NIST-traceable results.

The SR-800R operates as a complete standalone unit or may be integrated into a larger test system.

Temperature control is achieved using removable sensors that can be easily replaced by the user in just minutes. The simple procedure for replacing the sensors with factory-supplied replacements recalibrates the system for another full year, however, users who prefer to carry out calibrations themselves can still do so with the CK-800R calibration kit.

Product Family: SR-800R, SR 800R, SR800R
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CI Systems SR-800R Datasheet (pdf) 
CI Systems SR-800R Manual (pdf) 
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