DynamicSignals / Kinetic Systems V124 FOXI PCI Host Adapter
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DynamicSignals / Kinetic Systems V124 FOXI PCI Host Adapter


  • Provides a PCI Interface for the FOXI Interface Bus System
  • Uses Fiber-Optic Highway Transmission
  • Provides Full Throughput with a 2 km Maximum Distance Between Fiber-Optic Nodes
  • Exhibits 10 Mbyte/s Highway Throughput and 20 Mbyte/s PCI DMA Burst Rate
  • Supports up to 126 V120 Controllers on a Single Highway

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The DynamicSignals / Kinetic Systems V124 FOXI PCI Host Adapter interface provides a fiber-optic connection between a PCIbased host computer or workstation and one or more VXI mainframes. It provides a high-throughput, deterministic data acquisition and control system. A complete FOXI system includes a V124 FOXI Host Adapter, up to 126 V120 VXI Slot-0 controllers and a fiber-optic highway. The system supports distances between nodes up to 2 km (6560 ft) with an I/O throughput to 10 Mbytes/s.

The V124 FOXI Host Adapter is a single PCI (Peripheral Component Interface) card which provides the interface between the PCI bus and the FOXI highway. Communication between this adapter and the host computer is via a 32-bit data path that is used to configure the system and initiate highway operations. A DMA (direct memory access) mechanism is incorporated to transfer data over the highway using 32-bit data transfers. The V124 supports PCI DMA transfers, yielding a 20 Mbytes/s burst transfer rate.

Data transfers to and from a VXI mainframe are executed in a pipeline mode. These transfers will occur at the full 10 Mbyte/s highway speed if both the source and destination can maintain the data rate. The V124 contains a 2048-word FIFO memory that stores asynchronous demand messages received from a V120 Slot-0 controller. These demand messages are generated from an interrupt in a VXI chassis. The demand data identifies the chassis that sourced the demand message as well as the source of the interrupt.

Product Family: V124-AA11, V124AA11, V124 AA11, V124
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