Curtiss-Wright / VMETRO / Micro Memory MM-6340 Dual Port DRAM
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Curtiss-Wright / VMETRO / Micro Memory MM-6340 Dual Port DRAM


  • Error Detection and Correction
  • Dual Port (VME/VSBbus) Compatible
  • Block Mode Transfer

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The Curtiss-Wright / VMETRO / Micro Memory MM-6340 Dual Port DRAM is a dual-port, high reliability Error Correcting memory module optimized for VME/VSB buses. It employs 1M DRAMs to provide up to 16M bytes in a single card slot.

The board provides high data integrity by correcting single-bit errors and detecting multiple-bit errors on each transfer. It conforms to VMEbus specification REV. C1 with 256 bytes of sequential access on block transfer (BLT) and VSBbus specification REV. B with 64 Kbytes of sequential access in the block mode.

A Control Status Register (CSR), located in the short VME I/O address space, stores and reads the status of syndrome and error bits.

Address modifiers (in a socketed IFL) are decoded to allow 24 and 32 bit masters, residing on the same bus, to access the memory simultaneously and one or the other, only if it is so required.

Reliability is also ensured by burn-in and running memory diagnostics that check operation for 48 hours while temperature-cycling boards between 0 and 60 degrees (Celsius).

Product Family: MM-6340, MM 6340, MM6340
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