Curtiss-Wright SCP-124 / DCP-124 Series MPC7447a/7448 cPCI Single Board Computers
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Curtiss-Wright SCP-124 / DCP-124 Series MPC7447a/7448 cPCI Single Board Computers


  • Single Freescale Power Architecture MPC7447A/7448 (AltiVec Technology- Enhanced) CPU
  • High-Performance Discovery III System Controller
  • 512MB of DDR SDRAM with ECC
  • 256MB of Contiguous Direct-Mapped Flash
  • Permanent Alternate Boot Site (PABS) Provides Backup Boot Capability
  • 128KB AutoStore nvSRAM with Hardware Write Protection

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This board has conformal coating.

• Cooling Method: Air-Cooled
• Model Number: 124
• Ruggedization Level: -40° to +71° C
• Processing Core/Variant: MPC7448 @ 1.2GHz, 512MB SDRAM, 256MB Flash
• Pin-Out Mode:122 Full PMC Mode

Part Number: 902136-112

Stock # 97298-1

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The Curtiss-Wright SCP-124 / DCP-124 Series MPC7447a/7448 cPCI Single Board Computers use the Freescale Power Architecture MC7447A/7448 processors with AltiVec technology and up to 1GB of state- of-the art DDR1 SDRAM, the SCP/DCP-124 represents the latest advancement in functionality and performance for rugged 3U cPCI Single Board Computers (SBCs). With a 64-bit PMC site supporting 100MHz PCI-X, and an innovative complement of I/O capability such as Gigabit Ethernet, up to four serial ports, and one USB 2.0 port, the SCP/DCP-124 satisfies the most demanding requirements of 3U embedded cPCI computing applications. Manufactured in a full range of environmental build grades the SCP/DCP- 124 is targeted to the challenging data- and digital signal- processing needs of tactical aircraft, armored vehicles and harsh environment naval systems.

For retrofit and technology insertion applications, the SCP/DCP-124 offers a super-set of the I/O features of the earlier generation Curtiss-Wright SCP/DCP-122 cPCI SBC and an additional optional pin-out mode.

Product Family: SCP-124 / DCP-124 Series, SCP-124, DCP-124, SCP124, DCP124, SCP.124, DCP.124, SCP 124, DCP 124
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